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We operate VIRTUAL TOKYO TOWER, which is developed by our affiliated company "MetaverseJAPAN", providing events and services in the Metaverse space using IP. We also provide consulting services for Metaverse development and business development using Metaverse, based on our experience in operation and production.

ブロックチェーン・メタバースの事業開発ならGCTJAPAN|Web3.0総合コンサルティング ブロックチェーン・メタバースの事業開発ならGCTJAPAN|Web3.0総合コンサルティング

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There are many different development environments for metaverse development. Each development environment requires a budget ranging from several million yen to tens of millions of yen, or even over 100 million yen for large-scale projects, so it is important to design what kind of space will be created for what purpose. We work with internal and external specialists and partner companies who are experts in their respective fields to develop spaces that meet the needs of our clients.


The growing metaverse market continues to search for new ways to utilize it on a daily basis. Metaverse is not a goal to be achieved once it is published; it is a new form of communication among users. It is a new form of communication between users. It requires advance planning of how it will be used and regular improvement of its operation. We offer a full range of consulting services, from business development to development and operation, utilizing the Metaverse.