Global Business

GCT Group is a global company whose business is centered on blockchain development, metaverse development, and web3 consulting. We focus on helping companies develop their global business through innovative technology.


We provide a wide range of services in investment business, asset management business, blockchain related consulting and overall marketing. We also support companies in their international expansion and provide innovative solutions to accelerate their business growth.


In cooperation with the government's special economic zone AFAB, we provide a wide range of services including financial business related to Web3 licenses, support for exchanges, ICOs and IEOs, issuance of gaming licenses, development and operation of auditing systems, and new business development.


As an engineering base for blockchain development, we provide advanced solutions in the field of web3 related technologies backed by advanced technical capabilities. Our engineers have a high level of expertise, especially in this field, and we leverage this knowledge to develop quality products.

Through these global locations, the GCT Group is reliable and down-to-earth. We aim to provide real value to our customers and society and contribute to a sustainable future.