BlockchainBlockchain Business

Since the early stages of BlockChain technology, we have been focusing on developing solutions using BlockChain technology, including NFT demonstration experiments, business development, DAO formation, and wallet development. We have a wide range of activities, such as demonstration experiments using NFTs, business building, DAO formation, wallet development, etc. We can provide packaged solutions as well as product development from the idea stage.


We provide consulting services for business development using BlockChain technology to meet the needs of those who tend to only hear the words "Web3" and "BlockChain" and do not know how these technologies can be applied to their business model. We provide consulting services for business development using BlockChain technology. We have been used by many major companies and are able to provide consulting services from various perspectives.


Hardware wallet

We are developing original Web3 Wallet utilizing NFC. Not only card-shaped, but also wristbands, stickers, and anything else that can use an NFC TAG can be made into a Web3 Wallet. Users can simply tap the card on the back of their mobile device to authenticate NFT and receive goods, solving the Web3 problem of high participation hurdles on the part of users.